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Calivita URX

Calivita URX
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60 pasticche

L’URX é un complesso sviluppato per la protezione dei tratti urinari con D-mannosio, mirtilli rossi e estratto di piante officinali di effetto diuretico e antibatteriale. Consigliamo il consumo sia per prevenzione sia per integrare una terapia.
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URX - D--mannosio, mirtillo rosso, ortica, crescione, buchu - supporto nelle infezioni del tratto urinario

Contro i problemi dei tratti urinari

L’URX é un complesso sviluppato per la protezione dei tratti urinari con D-mannosio, mirtilli rossi e estratto di piante officinali di effetto diuretico e antibatteriale. Consigliamo il consumo sia per prevenzione sia per integrare una terapia.

A chi consigliamo?
  • Chi é ricettivo al raffreddore,
  • chi va spesso in piscina, sulla spiaggia,
  • chi tende a vestirsi non secondo il tempo,
  • chi beve poco liquido,
  • chi tende a ritenere l’urina,
  • a tutti quelli che tendono importante la protezione dei tratti urinari.

food supplement Calivita: URX

60 pasticche


2-4 pasticche al giorno.

URX ingredienti attivi

D-mannosio 150 mg
Estratto di Ossicocco 12:1 (std. 30% polifenolo) 100 mg
Vitamina C 20 mg
Estratto di foglia di crescione d’acqua (4:1) 17 mg
Estratto di foglia d’ortica (std. 1% acido silicico) 100 mg
Estratto di foglia di bucco (4:1) 30 mg
Estratto di foglia di uva ursina 100 mg

stabilizers - calcium phosphates (dicalcium phosphate), microcrystalline cellulose; D-mannose, large cranberry fruit extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon), nettle leaf extract (Urtica dioica), bearberry leaf extract (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi); anti-caking agent - fatty acids (stearic acid); buchu leaf extract (Agathosma betulina), vitamin C, watercress leaf extract (Nasturtium officinale); glazing agent - hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, anti-caking agents - magnesium salts of fatty acids (magnesium stearate), silicon dioxide; carrier - triacetin.

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.

Keywords: URX, Calivita, urinary tract infection, UTI, cranberries, nettle, watercress, buchu leaves
food supplement

Against urinary tract infection

Have you ever experienced the constant urge to go to the toilet and then a pain, a burning sensation? Whoever has experienced it knows how extremely unpleasant it is.

It is estimated that approximately 50% of women and 12% of men will experience an episode of UTI during their lifetime. The risk of developing urinary tract infections increases especially in summer and in the autumn and winter season.

Causes of urinary tract infections:

  • Dressing too light, especially if the feet and kidneys are cold
  • Tight underwear made of artificial fibers
  • Tight pants, leggings
  • Improper hygiene of intimate places
  • Use of public toilets
  • The use of perfumed hygiene products for intimate places
  • Frequent intimate contacts, especially accidental
  • Wet suit
  • Wet sitting
  • Holding your urine (e.g. when traveling, shopping)
  • Not drinking enough fluids

The incidence of urinary tract ailments in women

Do you know that:
in 30-44% of women, after the first incident of problems with the genitourinary system, symptoms return within 3 months, in almost half - within 12 months?

Comprehensive support for the urinary system

URX is a formula developed especially to the internal support of urinary tracts which active ingredients – have been known and used with predilection in traditional medicine for centuries – may offer help in situations when supporting the urinary system is highly recommended.

The URX product supplements the daily diet with unique, natural plant ingredients: buchu leaf extract, bearberry leaf extract supporting the proper functioning of the urinary tract, nettle leaf extract supporting the excretory function of the kidneys and, similarly to vitamin C, showing a beneficial effect on the immune system. But that's not all - the product also contains a valuable extract from cranberry fruit, watercress leaf extract and D-mannose.

Who do we especially recommend?

  • people who want to support the proper functioning of the urinary system
  • frequently using swimming pools and baths
  • exposed to hypothermia
  • supplying the body with too little fluid
  • having frequent intimate contacts

Urinary system - under strict control

In healthy people the urinary system is usually sterile, so its functioning seems almost “natural”. However in some people urinary infections occur more frequently, for which the reason can be a simple “susceptibility”, or inadequate clothing, or regularly attendance at places with higher risk of infection such as swimming pools.

The protection of our urinary tracts may be especially important, however we do not give it much thought. Some people consider catching a chill as an almost ordinary thing, which if it is not cured adequately, may develop into a serious illness.


Of course our primary goal is prevention. Through the adequate intake of liquid, layered clothing appropriate to the weather, increased levels of hygiene, as in public baths, avoiding sitting on cold surfaces and regularly visiting the lavatory, we ourselves can do much for the health of our urinary tracts. Furthermore, from now on it is also possible to apply URX internal protection.

One of the best-known plants with a beneficial effect on the urinary tract is large-fruited cranberry (Latin Vaccinium macrocarpon), containing, among others: organic acids, sugars, phenolic compounds, terpenes, pectins, vitamin C.

Buchu leaves and D-mannose
Buchu leaf extract (Latin Agathosma betulina) and D-mannose (simple sugar) also play an important role in the proper functioning of the urinary tract.

Nettle leaves (Latin Urtica dioica) support kidney function, show antioxidant properties and support the immune system.

In addition, the formula of the product contains watercress extract (Latin: Nasturtium officinale) and vitamin C, which contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system.

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