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Vein Care

Vein Care


75 ml

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Siegesbeckia orientalis


feeling of heavy legs, swelling of the legs, swollen feet


apply the ointment on your leg 2-3 times a day.


Crema per le vene varicose

La Vein Care é un prodotto di contenuto idruino che puó offrire una soluzione naturale ai problemi delle gambe di sensazione pesanti. L’irudina che si forma nelle sansughe puó liberare la gamba dalla sensazione tirata, aggravata (sgonfiata) e in piú puó svolgere anche un effetto cosmetico: cambia la pelle secca e sensibile in liscia, flessibile e setosa. Il prodotto contiene anche l’estratto della pianta officinale di nome Siegesbeckia orientalis che ha l’effetto di calmare, moderare l’eritema.


Vein Care

Unfortunately, we face a series of unpleasant effects every day, which adversely influence the health of our legs. Is there anyone who has never had the feeling of heavy legs at the end of a long day in a pretty but uncomfortable, pair of shoes, or burning, swollen feet after standing for a long time? Vein care offers natural solution to these problems.

Its main active ingredient is hirudin, derived from the salivary gland of leeches. The practice of applying leeches for medicinal purposes, and to treat wounds has been used by natural healers for thousands of years. Modern scientific analysis has revealed the properties of hirudin that make it so beneficial. Thrombin in the blood is one of the key components of coagulation, and hirundin is one of the most effective natural thrombin inhibitors. Transdermally entering the blood flow, it has a potent anticoagulant effect, improving microcirculation in the capillaries. This improved circulation may help alleviate fluid accumulations. As well, hirudin appears to have some immunizing and vascular spasm relieving effects as well.

In CaliVita® Vein Care, hirudin is combined with extract of the herb Siegesbeckia orientalis,  to help support smooth, elastic and silky skin, and to help alleviate redness.

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